Book Talk: A New Opportunity

Hello, blog friends! 

I have some exciting news! I’ve been contacted by a new blogging website, My Trending Stories, to become a contributer and share my book knowledge! Apparently they feel that my writing suites their all-inclusive vision for their site, and they also think my writing is engaging and attracts viewership! Of course, all these compliments definitely made my day. And I’ve accepted their offer! So, hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me around the blogosphere. 😉 I don’t have many detail yet, but I’ll share them as I get them! 

This whole situation also got me thinking about how grateful I am for each one of my followers, commenters, and viewers. You guys make my day by sticking with me and helping me share my passion. I love each one of you! 

Also, on a total side note, I got this shirt and these shoes today:

And I love them so much 😂 Its the softest and most “me” shirt there ever was. And I love Vans. Monday made for lots of reasons. 

Cheers! ☕️😘 

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