I’m baaack! 


Its been a long time. I think months. And I’m so sorry for that! When I started this blog along with my bookish Instagram, I was so excited and caught up in finally being able to talk about my passion for books, that I forgot that I’m in nursing school. And let me tell you, it takes up a lot of time. I’ve barely been able to find reading time, much less time to blog! But, all that is going to change, because today I took my final exam of nursing school! My graduation is this Thursday! 🙂 I’m so happy to have time away from school before I continue school for a higher degree, and get some reading done! 

So, this means I’ll be blogging a lot more! I am planning on also posting some reviews for a few of the books I was able to squeeze in during classes 😉 Plus new reviews and book news!

I hope you can all forgive my hyatius and are pumped to join me in many book-related conversations! 

I’m sending lots of love to you! Cheers! ❤️


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