Book Talk: Pre-Ordering 


Okay, so I was all set to do a Tidbit yesterday (it was Tuesday, after all), but I woke up and the Internet wasn’t working! And since we are a generation of techy people, it was a serious bummer 😂 I live out in the country, so the only things around me are fields of grass and cows. Not cell towers. Which means my phone internet is spotty and basically useless. The downside of remote locations! It did eventually get fixed and here I am. 😊 So, no harm done! I actually got a bit of reading in, too.

Since it’s no longer Tuesday, I thought I’d just turn my idea into a book talk, and discuss preordering with you!

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Tuesday Tidbit

Hello again! Three posts in one day? What is this madness! Well, I’ve been a bit under the weather today, with a sore throat and an unfocused brain. Which is to my blogging advantage, I guess. Lots of time to post. So! I decided I wanted something to do every week! A reason to drag myself onto WordPress and post for you guys 😉 I’m thinking it’ll be called Tuesday Tidbit, and I’ll pretty much post whatever I want. 😂 An update on what I’m currently reading, what I think about book news in the world, a new release I just found out about that’s probably … Continue reading Tuesday Tidbit