When the Biggest Reading Slump of Your Life Hits


It’s been waaayy too long and it’s all my fault. Almost a year exactly, in fact. Now, you guys know I always love books and writing/gushing/fangirling about books. So where have I been? Well, that’s kind of a complicated answer.

The truth is, I never stopped thinking about this blog. But for awhile there, I just couldn’t bring myself to write. It started with being busy last year. If you remember, I was at university getting my 4-year degree in nursing. That kept me up doing homework and writing papers. But I won’t lie, I could have made it work with a blog schedule. However, I was also growing apart from a really good friend at the same time. A friend who had been my most bookish friend. We would gush about releases and bookstagram and life in general. But I suppose what they say about growing up is true; you’ll lose some friends along the way. While it was no ones fault, the end of that friendship cast a bitterness over my bookstagram and my blog for awhile. That also seeped into my reading, which became a gigantic reading slump. I just couldn’t motive myself to read for anything! Which really made me sad and also question the point of writing here. So I just didn’t. I also didn’t post on Instagram very much, for days at a time. And the “guilt” over being a self-proclaimed reader who couldn’t find joy in reading? I felt bad about myself because of it. It became this weight instead of an escape and freedom. So I tried to let myself have a break without remorse. My books would be there for me even after some time.

But that was a year ago, and since then I’ve graduated (yay!) and gotten a job as a nurse (adulting!) and I have a boyfriend who is amazing and supports my love of books and reading. Guys, he will go to Barnes and noble with me and walk around book shopping. For hours. It’s the dream. Like he’s my own Will Herondale. 😉 And even with all that, I’m still in a mild reading slump. But I am coming out of it! I can feel the joy and fun of reading coming back. And I’m so excited because that has always been one of my favorite feelings in then world: to read a book that connects you to feelings and experiences you’d never had and never knew you needed. 💙

So, upon my return, I’ve updated my blog, given the site a new title, changed my Instagram and twitter handles, and given myself permission to wade in slowly. I hope you will join this journey with me! I’ll do my best to be more active with posts and comments and fangirling in general. The book community is one of the most accepting and loving places I’ve been. And this is a safe space, especially after all my emotional vomit up there. 😉 So if you have some mixed emotions about anything book-related (or non-book-related. We all need to vent!) please comment! I’d love to offer support. And thanks for reading this far. I’ve really missed you guys. Writing this post brought my joy I forgot I needed. 😊

Until next time!

Cheers! ☕️

7 thoughts on “When the Biggest Reading Slump of Your Life Hits

    1. It’s such a good feeling! 😊 I’d had smaller slumps for sure, but this was the worst one so far. Guess it is mostly because I’ve been so busy. Just gotta prioritize it if you makes you happy 💙 Thanks for commenting!

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