Book Talk: Rereading 

Good morning! ☕️

Today I wanted to talk a little about rereading books. So grab your tea or coffee and let’s talk books!

I thought it this some this morning while I was rereading sections of Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi. It is book three in the Shatter Me trilogy.

Now, I’ve reread this trilogy twice since I originally read it a couple years ago. And while I was flipping through and finding my favorite romance moments to read again (something I do a lot with books 😂) I was wondering, what makes a book rereadable? Why do we revisit some books like old friends while others sit on the shelf after one read-through? I’m going to share my thoughts with you guys, and I’d love it if you’d share any thoughts you have in the comments! Or just make your own blog post about this topic so I can read it! 😊

What makes a book rereadable?

  • Writing style: I think if a book flows really well in its writing, it can make a more pleasant reading experience that you want to go back and live again! I’ve read some books that have great plots/characters but jump around so much it forces you to concentrate harder on each word so you can keep up with the changes. There isn’t really anything wrong with this, it’s just not cohesive with a lazy evening reading and dozing 😉 It’s not that “comfort zone” atmosphere I look for in a reread.
  • Romance! I’m not going to lie. I’ve read so many sections of so many books over and over. Because romance. If the characters interact well together, the descriptions of their kisses are vivid, you have been on this long journey shipping them while they had no idea they were in love and should just kiss already, you need this time. This part of rereading just makes me feel happy all over again because finally(!) they are in freaking love and enjoying it. Books that come to mind are of course Ignite Me, City of Glass by Cassie Clare (cause that book has my OTPs up the yin yang), The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins, and back in the day, Twilight may have been on there. Don’t judge me! 😂
  • Humor and characters: I think when you reread a book, it’s because it makes you feel good. You don’t reread those epic mysteries to find out who the murder/betrayer/overall bad dude is, because you already know. It has to have something more. Something that makes you smile or laugh or feel all fuzzy and warm inside. Which means the characters have to love each other and play off each other well. Even in the most epic fantasy book, I still want my characters to joke and fling sarcasm around. Because it makes it relatable! It makes it fun and easy even in the bad times. I can’t think of a better example than Harry Potter. Think of all the death and darkness in those books. But we still love them to pieces. We still reread and rewatch the movies and visit the theme parks. Because while those characters were growing up and loving each other, we fell in love with them. They make us feel magical and warm and fuzzy inside. They make us feel like we have a second home there, with them. It’s coming home to friends 💙

I could go on longer, but I thought I’d cut myself off right about here 😉 Let me know if you guys agree/disagree, or want to add anything! I love getting to know you and sharing opinions!

Cheers to coming home to a great book 💙☕️

18 thoughts on “Book Talk: Rereading 

  1. Great photos! I definitely agree on your points as to why you reread. I also like to reread some parts of books if the character and I are very relatable. I feel like authors write certain characters that touch home to me and I love to reread deep conversations.

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    1. Those are really good reasons to read! I have looked back at a character I related with to see what they did in certain situations for inspiration 😉 And thank you! A couple of the pictures I took for my book Instagram account, but I like sharing them here too! ❤

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  2. For a book/ series to warrant a re-read for me it has to leave an imprint on my mind, and in some cases on my heart (Clockwork Princess, this means you!). There are quite a few books I would some day re-read, but it’s those rare few that stay on my mind months or even years after reading them that I know I’ll re-read time and time again.

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    1. Well, isn’t clockwork princess just the perfect example! I’ve only reread it about 5 times, along with the rest of the series 😉 It’s definitely true that books that leave an impression are great rereads! If you can’t forget about it, it must be special!

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      1. I know what you mean! The only other book I’ve hers I’ve reread is City of Bones. I usually use TID to get me out of a reading slump. And once I read one of them, I have to finish reading 😉

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  3. I hate to admit this but I rarely reread books because once I know the end plot, I lose enjoyment. The only books I can seem to reread no matter what are my absolute favourites 😦


  4. I re-read books too often, it’s probably why I have such a large TBR.
    Recently I’ve been trying to stop re-reading books and instead listening to the audiobook on my way too and from work and it’s been really weird getting over the different voices. I always give characters voices in my head and the audiobooks totally mess with it.

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    1. That is the problem with rereading! Definitely takes time away from other books! That’s a good idea though, listening to audiobooks! But I know what you mean. I have a hard time with audiobooks for the same reason! It messes with my brain when I can’t hear my own imagined voices for everyone 😉

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      1. Hahahaha, that’s awesome! For some reason in ACOTAR I read everyone with a British accent but Feyre. Like she’s this American coming into a new world, lol. But I definitely see how that can mess with you!


      2. My favourite voice I had for ACOTAR was Rhys. If you look at the map as Britain, then the Night Court would be where Scotland is, and I was reading him with a James Macavoy kind of Scottish/Glasgow accent haha.
        So weird, especially because I’m from there! Glad I’m not the only one who made them British though.

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      3. One of my uncles moved to Scotland when his kids were young, so now they are adults but they all live in Glasgow and have the accent! And you’re right, that actually suits Rhys perfectly! Hahaha, I love it.


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