A New Chapter

Hello my friends! I have to apologize for my long absence. I honestly don’t have a very good reason 😂 Really, I stopped posting because I really wanted to start a book YouTube channel, which I finally did! The link is one of those snazzy social media buttons on my homepage 😉 However, now that I have that channel, I was thinking I didn’t need this blog anymore. And maybe I don’t technically, but I still love the idea of posting here and talking with you guys. So I’m thinking I’ll do something different with this blog. Maybe I’ll just show you guys whatever I want, and not make it fancy. Just gush about a chapter I’m reading or show you my current book with my breakfast or sock choice for the day. I’m not sure yet 😂 I just know I gave this blog a little makeover because I don’t want to leave it behind. I hope you’ll come along on my adventures with me!


Until next time!

Here is a photo of my water bottle and current sock choice 😂 This hydro flask is the bomb. I have two actually. This one is 20oz and then I have one that’s 40oz for those really dehydrated days.

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