Tuesday Tidbit: Books and Baked Goods

Good afternoon, friends!

Today I had a whim to bake. I used to bake all the time, and somewhere in the busy mess of college I fell away from it. But I had some time today, and since I have like 600 pins on my baking Pinterest boards, I decided it was time to make something yummy! So I poked around my kitchen and found some frozen strawberries in my freezer. In true Pinterest fashion, I searched for desserts with strawberries and found a recipe for bread! That’s not something I’ve tried before. And it turned out really awesome!


On the book side of things, I’m thinking I’ll need a contemporary read after I finish the Grisha trilogy. So what you guys think? I’ve got it narrowed down to Carry On or Fangirl, both by Rainbow Rowell. I’m thinking maybe I should read Fangirl first, since the characters in Carry On are the ones that Cath from Fangirl writes fanfiction about, right? So should I have knowledge of them in the “real world” of Fangirl first? 😂 Is that even a thing? Does it matter?

Tell me what you guys think!

Cheers! 🍓

One thought on “Tuesday Tidbit: Books and Baked Goods

  1. If I’m completely honest, I wasn’t much a fan of Fangirl, go figure.
    Every review I ever read about it claimed it was the most relatable book they’ve ever read, and that reading about Cath was just like reading about their own lives, but I didn’t actually find her very relatable at all, I guess I just wasn’t as awkward in my teens as I remember?!
    But in saying that, I just don’t think I’m all that big a fan of contemporary reads.
    Fantasy however, is totally my jam, and despite my dislike for Fangirl, I decided to pick up Carry On after my mum gave me a copy as a Christmas gift… and I’ve read it three times already since.
    I freaking loved that book so much, but really it’s just my type of humour all over.
    I thought at first maybe I just didn’t like Rainbow Rowells writing style but after Carry On, it’s plainly obvious that I’m just not that into contemporary because I loved the way Carry On was written.
    You really don’t need to have read Fangirl before reading Carry On, in fact it put a lot of people off reading it because the ‘Simon Snow’ excerpts were just so strange in relation to the rest of Fangirl. So really it’s down to personal preference what you read first out of the two; contemporary rom com with cutesy, quirky characters. Or, fantasy butt kicking action with a strange but unique magic system and characters that you feel like you know, seen in a whole new light.
    Happy reading either way 🙂


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