Book Talk: Pre-Ordering 


Okay, so I was all set to do a Tidbit yesterday (it was Tuesday, after all), but I woke up and the Internet wasn’t working! And since we are a generation of techy people, it was a serious bummer 😂 I live out in the country, so the only things around me are fields of grass and cows. Not cell towers. Which means my phone internet is spotty and basically useless. The downside of remote locations! It did eventually get fixed and here I am. 😊 So, no harm done! I actually got a bit of reading in, too.

Since it’s no longer Tuesday, I thought I’d just turn my idea into a book talk, and discuss preordering with you!

Preordering books is a tricky subject for me. On one hand it’s really convenient at times. No traveling to a bookstore! And also kind of satisfying. You can claim a copy of a book you’re highly anticipating before it’s even printed. And when you can’t wait to own that book, it can ease your book-loving soul. But it also has some downsides. The main one being shipping time. So, your book ships on its release date. Yay! But now please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. Or maybe even 10! Or what if it gets lost in the mail? And now a replacement copy won’t come for another 2 weeks! Maybe it’s just my anxiety flaring up, but that’s a lot to worry about. And you want that book now! Also, a lot of the time you have to pay for shipping. That can be another 5-7 dollars out of your pocket. I’ve had a couple bad experiences with preorders, as you may have guessed 😉 One time a book got lost in the mail and I had to contact the company for another. And another time it didn’t ship until a few days after the release date! So I usually just try to hit a store in the first couple days after a book I really want is released. That way I can grab it off the shelves and have it in my hands.

I started thinking about Preorders yesterday when I decided to go ahead and preorder Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. I was thinking, I imagine this new Harry Potter book/script is going to be sold out everywhere. So what if I can’t just run into a store and get a copy? So even though I paid a little extra for shipping and I might have to wait awhile to get it, I realized there is a place in my bookworm life for preordering. And it feels really good to have called dibs on a copy 😉

So, what are your opinions about preordering books? Do you do it all the time? Occasionally? Do you have a store you usually preorder from? I’m curious, so comment away!

Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday! 💙

Cheers! ☕️

12 thoughts on “Book Talk: Pre-Ordering 

  1. I’ve actually never pre-ordered a book! I’m too much of a wimp to order anything online 😆 I always try my best to head to the bookstore and grab a copy of a new release, but with HP and The Cursed Child coming out, I might be thinking of pre-ordering it!

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  2. I will preorder a book depending on the popularity of it because I have anxiety and I fear that if it’s not in the store then I’m screwed and lost something precious. I don’t preorder a book when it’s not popular and I’m not in a rush to get it.

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    1. That’s a really good system! 🙂 I might adopt it a bit! I do usually worry on my way to the store to get a book I’m anticipating, “What if it’s not there? This trip will be a waste!” 😉
      Classic Booknerd anxiety.

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  3. I’ve pre-ordered was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I have also pre-ordered the Cursed Child. I normally order from Amazon, I have Amazon Prime so I’ll get it quick with free shipping!

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